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Deference to FCC's TCPA Orders at Issue in Upcoming Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court today agreed to hear a case that will examine the degree to which courts must defer to FCC rulings interpreting the TCPA. The Court will address one question (of two issues petitioners sought for review):

Whether the Hobbs Act required the district court in this case to accept the FCC's legal interpretation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

At a time of great uncertainty with respect to the TCPA, and with new FCC guidance governing the definition of an auto-dialer expected soon, the eventual ruling in this case could add yet another wrinkle to TCPA litigation.

The case is PDR Network, LLC v. Carlton & Harris Chiropractic Inc., No. 17-1705. SCOTUSBlog has this case page for more information and links to the relevant briefs.

Check back over the coming weeks and months for additional insight as the case develops.

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