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FCC Will Consider Reassigned-Number Database

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today proposed the creation of a reassigned number database designed to reduce unwanted commercial calls and texts to consumers. The full FCC is set to consider the proposal on December 12. From Chairman Pai’s press release announcing the plan:

“Calls to reassigned numbers can be a significant problem for those receiving the unwanted calls, those missing the calls they asked for, and for legitimate businesses making calls for which they have prior consent.  Millions of phone numbers are reassigned each year and oftentimes consumers do not tell their contacts of the change.  To prevent mistaken calls, the draft order would establish a single, comprehensive database of reassigned numbers based on information provided by phone companies that obtain North American Numbering Plan U.S. geographic numbers.  After careful, deliberate consideration of the problem, it would also conclude this database would be the most efficient and cost-effective solution.”

The announcement comes as the FCC continues evaluating potential new TCPA rules in the wake of recent, conflicting court decisions relating to the definition of an auto-dialer under the statute.

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